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IGM specializes in creating one-of-a-kind web sites that not only capture the attention of visitors, but successfully engage them to browse for extended periods of time. With IGM you don’t get old-fashioned “software from a box”. IGM’s custom web applications help you do what you do better, faster, more cost effectively and more efficiently. You dream it, our webmasters will create it!

IGM’s site designs quickly garner the top rankings for keywords and phrases with internet search engines, making it easy for customers to find you online. And, IGM’s robust dedicated server hosting environment gives your web site and online data the power, protection and consistency needed to stay atop the World Wide Web.

Whether you are looking for a new site or to renovate your existing site, IGM will quickly deliver a finished product that will have customers tuning in and turned on by what you have to say.

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No "Cookie Cutter" Sites Please!
Your unique business deserves a unique web site, custom-built for maximum results.

A "cookie cutter" site is a template, created so the title, text and select images within the site can be easily changed, while the overall format remains the same. This type of site can be adapted for many different clients so, while the content varies, the look and layout remain the same for all, as if the sites were stamped out by using a "cookie cutter".

At IGM, we recognize and capitalize on the unique brand and selling points of your business, the attributes that set you apart from the competition. These attributes are what inspire and drive our web development and design team in the creation of your unique web site. Throughout our proven step-by-step development process we work closely with you to determine your needs and goals, present design concepts, create content and provide our technical expertise to simplify navigation and garner maximum attention and effectiveness for our site.

Simple To Use Content Management System
Control your web site content easily, immediately and affordably...right from your desktop.

Do you have pages on your web site that seem to need updating on a regular or periodic basis? Are you tired of waiting to have the changes made by a third party web editor, and frustrated by paying fees every time an edit is made?

IGM's Web Content Management System (CMS) is a revolutionary, easy-to-use software available exclusively to IGM web site clients, providing you with the power to add, edit and publish fresh content to a web site in just seconds. Your website instantly becomes more effective because you manage and control the content. There's no waiting to have the most current information visible to your customers. And, IGM's CMS is so simple that there's no training involved and no knowledge of programming languages or coding is required. Best of all, CMS pays for itself in savings. Instead of incurring a fee each time a web page update is needed, you publish unlimited updates with in-house administrative staff.

This amazing application can be part of any IGM web site. Make every page on your web site CMS accessible or add the CMS to only those pages where the content changes often.

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