Does This Sound Familiar...

We get these questions a lot today. Social media can seem a bit overwhelming these days.

Who are we kidding? It is overwhelming...

Especially when you have no time to devote to it. Businesses are connecting everyday with their customers using social media. The power of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest to name a few, only grows more everyday and if you aren't in the game you are missing out on the enormous reach of these social and viral networking sites. If you are wanting to jump in the game but not sure where to start, we have your back.

Still not a believer social media can reach your customers? Putting it into perspective - what took TV over 50 years to gain in audience only took Facebook 6 months. The numbers are absolutely staggering. Facebook has over 900 million users and growing each day. The potential to build relationships in this low-cost medium is huge. Be not afraid. We are here to make it easy for you through our new UpwardlySocial program.

What is UpwardlySocial?

It's a movement to help you leverage the power of social media to drive measurable results. UpwardlySocial was designed to bring all social media platforms together in one space, combined with a strategic plan complete with creative posts to stir conversation, build relationships and take your content viral. It's not just enough to get "likes" and "followers" and it's not enough to post "The weather is perfect so come play our club today". We understand that it is difficult for clubs to manage their social media efforts, as well as whether or not what they are publishing will engage their fans. To fully maximize social media you have to build a connection. While this all may sound overwhelming, it's not. We make it extremely easy by managing the process for you. Read on for the various ways UpwardlySocial can work for you...

Content Management & Posting Services
What in the world can you post to captivate your fans and followers?

By now most people and companies have a Facebook and Twitter page. However, we continue to hear how difficult it is for clubs to manage the postings much less publish content that will engage their fans. That is where we come in. Looking for a unique content campaign that not only excites your followers but ultimately gets them to your facility? We are pleased to announce a multi-platform approach to manage all of your social sites at once and scheduling creative commentary designed to fully engage your fans. That's right! We'll provide all of the creative posts to get your followers sharing your content. This unique program is offered in 3, 6 and 12 month segments and will be customized to fit your social media goals.

Video is King in the Social World!

Facts prove the use of video throughout your social media encourages more clicks and more social interaction. We offer a high-quality, low-budget video solution to shoot and produce short video clips that can be used throughout your social marketing plans, as well as on your web site. Think customer testimonials, tips from your pro, funny takes on how to play the course, how not to hit on the beverage cart get the idea! Remember, 91% of  US Adults have their mobile device within reach 24/7. Mobile content is a necessity and video is the way to grab attention in a hectic world on the go. Put video to work for you. Ask us about this exciting program to drive social media interest and sharing.


Interactive Facebook Tabs
Increase your database and your sales with our custom Facebook tabs!

Ever wonder how you can capture email addresses through your Facebook page? Want to sell tee times on Facebook? Well now you can! Our form widgets help you generate more leads, schedule more tee times, and gather more promotion entries through your Facebook page. These dynamic forms help you collect names, phone numbers, email addresses, or just about any other piece of information you might need from a fan or visitor. We will also create more effective, more viral, and more sharing-oriented Facebook promotions that produce amazing results. Our suite of viral Facebook promotion tools include reveal tabs, digital downloads, product listings, and our promotion widget. Make your Facebook page more interactive and drive customers into your database and onto your first tee! Ask us about building a custom tab, or two, today!

Social Media Pay Per Click Ad Campaigns
Like Google but with its own unique advantages.

Facebook has its own version of Google AdWords by allowing companies to target advertising based on Faceook user interests. The professionals at IGM can assist you in setting up and executing a successful social network ad campaign. This system is perfect for those with limited budgets as there are very few facilities using this medium to attract more customers. Less competition online means greater chance of being seen. Utilize this unique new feature to drive results and increase your fan base and followers!

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