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TeeMailer makes email marketing easy, affordable and successful with the highest functionality and deliverability in the business. TeeMailer improves the quality and speed of your customer communications, generates revenue and lowers marketing expenses. Couple this with guidance from golf's most creative, veteran marketing firm and your business is guaranteed personal attention, consistent positive results and unparalleled growth. TeeMailerintegrates with your website, giving you the full power of the internet to maximize your database collections efforts. The result...the most powerful, easy-to-use, money-making marketing tool in golf!

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99% Deliverability Rates & Cutting-Edge Technology
TeeMailer is simply the best in the business...and incredibly eash to use.

Target Your Customers & Their Needs

  • Create Dynamic content and use powerful one-to-one personalization tools.
  • Easily segment customers into unlimited groups based on behavior.
  • Target customers based on survey responses & random sampling.

Get Your Messages To Your Customers

  • Powerful underlying technology and proprietary tools offer the highest deliverability rates in the industry - over 99% delivered!

Integrates To Automate Your Marketing

  • TeeMailer seamlessly transfers customer data entered from your web site into pre-defined target groups.
  • TeeMailer can integrate with your systems to sync your database & provide unique data for auto-triggered campaigns based on behavior.

Learn What Makes Your Customers React

  • Robust, real-time tracking reports give you the power to monitor campaign successes and segment customer data, based on their email click-thru activity.
  • Create and send campaigns with ease.
  • Wizard-driven templates and creative help from Impact Golf Marketing make for easy creation and delivery of your campaigns, surveys & more!

Customer Segmentation & Engagement
Don't just know who your customers are...know whether or not you are engaging them with your email campaigns.

TeeMailer allows you to add demographic and interest data for each customer in your subscriber database, and then easily create list segments based on this data. You can personalize your emails with other subscriber data such as company, income, zip code, birth date, purchase history, etc.

Send unique content (copy and images) to each individual subscriber on your list. Customize your content around subscriber purchase history, age, income, or other custom data you select. With TeeMailer, you deliver the right message to the right customer.

How do you determine the success of an email campaign? The most important metric may not be opens or clicks, but rather the number of leads or sales conversions. Conversion Tracking integrates with your web site and enables you to track web visits and conversions generated by your email campaigns.

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